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Cotswold mountain biking routes guide

The Cotswold Hills stretch across the counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, and extend into parts of Wiltshire, Somerset, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

This book includes 20 classic routes. Each route is described with easy to follow directions and plotted on Ordnance Survey mapping. Also included are details of distance, timings and difficulty gradings, plus refreshment stops and local knowledge.

A bonus section includes details of the downhill riding on Leckhampton hill, plus top ten for descents, climbs and singletrack.

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Book Details: Written by Tom Fenton. Book Size: 12 x 17.5cm
Published February 2010. ISBN 13: 978-1906148140

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The Mountain Biking Routes

Map showing the approximate recommended starting points for each route as indicated in the book.
Click on a marker for route information.

In detail:


Fairly short rides that tend to pack a punch. Onces to do when you are short of time or are building up your fitness before tackling something longer.

Route 1. The Valley of Marske Beck

Route Grade: medium. Distance: 8km

A thoroughly satisfying short route, tough climbs, great views, fine descent, grassy bits and woodland bits.

Route 1. Cotswold Water Park

Distance: 15km. Grade: Easy

Almost entirely off road and with virtually no climbing this is a great easy route and manages to pull off the rare trick of being really good fun for less experienced and faster riders alike.

Route 2. Cold Aston

Distance: 13km. Grade: Easy

While never difficult there are loose tracks, rutted fields and a couple of steep sections to contend with - it's a proper bike ride!

Route 3. Blockley & Broad Campden

Distance: 21km. Grade: Easy

This mountain bike route follows entertaining trails through pretty villages, showing off attractive views as it goes.

Route 4. Charlbury Classic

Distance: 29km. Grade: Easy

A ride that's not technical and doesn't take long but the riding is good and enjoyable and runs through some lovely countryside.

Route 5. Bredon Hill

Distance: 20km. Grade: Medium

With two singletrack descents and a couple of big climbs this is a great route that should take about two hours.


Route 6. Winchcombe & Cleeve Hill

Distance: 20km. Grade: Medium

cotswolds mountain biking route photo 2

Great views, cracking descents and some stiff climbs.

Route 7. Charlbury & Shipton

Distance: 28km. Grade: Easy

Open countryside, good trails and pretty villages make up this easy-going mountain bike route.

Route 8. Bibury

Distance: 30km. Grade: Easy

The riding is enjoyable and never demanding featuring open tracks, fast descents and gentle climbs. A great way to explore a lovely area of the country.

Route 9. Guiting Power

Distance: 28km. Grade: Medium

There's plenty going on with this mountain bike route, grassy fields, easy stretches of hard-packed tracks and fast descents over loose surfaces. Best of all is a bridleway beginning in woods, it moves steadily through the trees before crossing a field and sweeping down flowing singletrack into a low valley.

Route 10. Castle Combe

Distance: 27km. Grade: Medium

cotswolds mountain biking route photo 3

The descents on the mountain bike rode are just right for the less-experienced riders to scoot down, whilst faster riders can barrel through with equal enjoyment. There is a degree of roads along the way, but it's more than made up for by the quality of the trails.

Route 11. Naunton

Distance: 34km. Grade: Easy

A couple of cheeky little descents, a few short climbs and some easy cruising through the countryside make up this enjoyable ride.

Route 12. Nailsworth

Distance: 30km. Grade: Medium

A fun route with some good riding and one of the best descent in The Cotswolds.


Route 13. Crudwell Classic

Distance: 44km. Grade: Easy

cotswolds mountain biking route photo 4

This is one of those mountain bike routes where you get the bike up to speed and relax, happily pedalling away as the countryside whizzes past.

Route 14. Birdlip

Distance: 29km. Grade: Easy

Following good trails through lovely scenery, this relatively lengthy route is a worthwhile choice if you are looking for a less technical day out.

Route 15. Snowshill

Distance: 30km. Grade: Medium

A technical route with a decent amount of climbing and great descents.

Route 16. Bisley

Distance: 30km. Grade: Medium

A mountain bike route that makes sure it uses the best direction to tackle the climbs and descents. A great ride.

Route 17. Cam & Uley

Distance: 25km. Grade: Hard

One of the toughest and most technically difficult rides in the guide!

Route 18. Wotton-under-Edge

Distance: 21 or 40km. Grade: Hard

The climbs are steep and tricky to ride without dabbing. The downhills range from fast open trails to singletrack and technical rocky tests. A tough ride and one where you'll need to be fit to make the most of it.

cotswolds mountain biking route photo 5


Route 19. Nailsworth and Wotton-under-Edge

Distance: 59km. Grade: Hard

The first half is relatively flat but don't get carried away - you need to save energy for the big climbs in the second half. The descents ranging from steep singletrack to slippery trails and a final drop to Nailsworth are all great fun and a just reward for the effort required to reach them!

Route 20. Winchcombe Beast

Distance: 77km. Grade: Hard

A big big helping of everything the north Cotswold has to offer - rocky descents ,rooty trails and fast open farm tracks.


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