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Cycling in Sussex

Off Road Trails and Quiet Lanes

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Twenty rides, between 4km and 28km, explore the quiet lanes and off-road trails of one of the most beautiful counties in the UK.

Written by local family cyclists, the rides are clearly described using step-by-step instructions and feature original maps, route profiles and local area information. The book is illustrated with inspirational and inviting photography of the rides and the local areas.

Together with information about local railway and seafront trails, the authors have also put together a selection of rides specifically designed for families based on their own personal experiences with their children.

Each bike ride includes:

An introductory description
Route directions (these are number referenced to the map for easy route following)
Gradient profile
Distance of the routes that is off-road and on-road
Plus starting point details, pubs and cafes.

See below for route details

Book Details:
ISBN: 9781906148072
Publisher - Vertebrate Publishing.
2008. Size: 17cm x 17cm

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The Ride Locations

Map showing the approximate recommended starting points for each route as indicated in the book.
Click on a marker for route information.

In detail:

The Cycle Rides

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Each bike ride includes an introductory description, map, route directions (these are number referenced to the map for easy route following), gradient profile, distance of the routes that is off-road and on-road, plus starting point details, pubs and cafes.


Route 1. River Ouse - family route
(Barcombe Mills, Isfield)

4km (2.5 miles)

The ideal family introduction to cycling with easy, level off-road tracks and lots to see.

Route 2. Barns Green - mini circuit

4.8km (3 miles)

A short bike route that is ideal for beginners and those with smaller children. There are no busy roads, the off-road section is bumpy and fun but not too arduous and any manageable uphill pushes will soon be forgotten in the downhill run back to the car.

Route 3. Ashurst Wood - mini mountain bike circuit

5.6km (3.5 miles)

The short mileages and the fact that it is all bridleways, the majority of which are relatively smooth, makes this route suitable for children and or adults interested in trying off road cycling.


Route 4. Lewes Villages and the River Ouse
(Cooksbridge, Barcombe Mills, Anchor Inn, Barcombe)

15.3km (9.5 miles)

Sussex Cycle photo 2

This bike route meanders through the Sussex countryside allowing you to explore ancient Barcombe Mills and develop the equally ancient art of relaxing on the riverside with a pint.

Route 5. Rural Idylls
(Thakeham, Ashington)

14.5km (9 miles)

This route starts with a chocolate box setting and gets going with a rough ride on agricultural bridleways. Don't be put off, as the middle part of the route is low on effort and high on enjoyment. Glide along easy bridleways and gather pace on quiet lanes

Route 6. Downland Views, forgotten forests and agricultural tracks
(Plumpton Green, Chillington)

14.5km (9miles)

You will feel like you are exploring places where a bike has never been before and you can admire The Downs in the distance without having to climb any horrendously steep slopes.

Route 7. Out in the Sticks
(Barns Green, Slinfold)

13.7km 8.5 miles

The beauty of this ride is that it brings you up close to agricultural Sussex without you ever having to do too much tough riding. Furthermore given the routes proximity to Horsham and Southwater there is a wonderful 'out in the sticks ' feeling to most sections.

Route 8. Under Wolstonbury Hill
(Goddards Green, Hickstead, Twineham, Sayers Common)

17.5km (11 miles)

Whizz round quiet lanes, savoir open agricultural views towards Wolstonbury Hill and The Downs, meander down idyllic bridleways and all without going up any hills. Well almost...


Route 9. Out of Sight - near Ditchling
(Ditchling, Weaversfield, Streat)

12.9km (8 miles)

Sussex Cycle photo 3

A quiet circular bike route just up the road from Ditchling where you will discover some of the almost untouched backwaters of Sussex.

Route 10. River Adur, peaceful glades and Downs Link
(Henfield, Partridge Green, Ashurst)

17.7km (11 miles)

Discover wooded glades and farmed landscapes. This route includes stretches of the Downs Link with peaceful lanes and off road bridleways

Route 11. A forest, two fords and a fishing pond
(Horsted Keynes)

12.9km (8 miles)

This route is good for those who like a smooth ride. There are a fair amount of ups and downs but the hills don't feel too arduous because the surfaces are good. The rural scenery is uplifting and you can't help but feeling you are miles from anywhere.

Route 12. Ifield conservation village, country lanes and green fields.
(Faygate, Ifield, Rusper)

16.1km (10 miles)

A route that has the advantage of being close to two stations, Faygate at the start and Ifield close to the optional route. The route enables you to cycle right out into the tranquillity of the countryside from the cycle network within Crawley.


Sussex Cycle beneath thh downs

Route 13. Beneath the Downs
(Hassocks, Ditchling, Burgess Hill)

17.7km (11 miles)

Suusex Cycle photo 4

There is almost too much to take in on this ride. Skirt round Hurstpierpoint on stunning lanes, passing historic Danny House to follow the base of the Downs from Wolstonbury Hill to Ditchling Beacon Nature Reserve. Nip back through the woods and pedal along the back roads of interesting Ditchling before heading up to Oldland Mill. Finish off with a satisfying loop to Burgess Hill.

Route 14. Woodland and Downs Link
(Nuthurst, Maplehurst, Copsale)

15.3km (9.5 miles)

With outstanding woods at the start you can't help but feel the demands of every day life drift from your shoulders as you cycle through these elegant and peaceful trees. This route is hard enough to be challenging but not so much that it puts you off. It feels quite adventurous offering the chance to ride through some tucked away countryside on a good mix of surfaces.

Route 15. Forest Way and hidden enclaves
(Forest Row)

14.5km (9 miles) or 17.7km (11 miles)

An invigorating circuit which has a little bit of Forest Way and a lot of off road. Once off road the bridleways are almost deserted and the lanes used are very quiet.


Route 16. Woods and Ponds of the Upper Weald
(Slaugham, Warninglid)

12.9km (8 miles)

A bike ride with some stunning woods and ponds (possible remnants of the Sussex iron history). However fast or slow you choose to ride there is a timeless feel to the paths.

Route 17. Windmills on the South Downs

10.5km (6.5 miles)

Sussex Cycle photo 5

This route takes you up onto the South Downs where you will find an enclave of rural tranquillity within cycling distance of Brighton. The surfaces can be rugged so you do need to look where you are going - not always easy as the views and the feeling of being on top of the world make you want to relax and enjoy this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Route 18. Woods, Greens and a Windmill
(Dial Post, Barns Green, Dragons Green)

23.5 km (14.5 miles)

This bike route takes you through some fantastic woodland, past some choice pub doorways and you can even stop at a windmill with a literary past.

Route 19. Farmland & Villages, Boats & Trains
(Chaily, Fletching, Barcombe)

27.4 km (17 miles)

If you are looking for a whole day out then this route is ideal. There are plenty of good pubs calling out for you to linger in their garden or warm yourself by their hearths. The terrain is a prefect mix of quiet lanes and hidden bridleways.

Route 20. Treetops, a reservoir and country estates
(Cuckfield, Ardingley, Borde Hill)

18.5km (11.5 miles)

This bike route is good for fitness training because of the gradients! Plenty of pubs and cafes on route. Underfoot it is almost all tarmac and even the bridleways are well surfaced, which makes it ideal for most weather conditions.


Suusex Cycle railway trails

The book includes information on rides along former railway lines that are now recreational trails.

Downs Link

59km in length - but you don't have to ride all of it in one go!

Forest Way

The trail, situated in the heart of the beautiful East Sussex countryside, runs from East Grinstead to Groombridge, passing through or near Forest Row, Hartfield and Withyham. About 16km (10 miles).

Worth Way

Worth Way is a 11 km (seven mile) route from Three Bridges through open countryside to East Grinstead

Seafront Trails

Cycling by the seaside means sea air and seagulls, bracing winds or beating sunshine ice cream, cappuccino or warm bear on Brighton beach!

Seafront rides provide opportunity for refreshment, dilly-dallying on the pebbles, nipping into a museum or even wasting money on the pier.


This book includes details of the following sea front trails:


8km (5 miles) Shoreham Harbour to Brighton Marina

Seaford - Newhaven

4.8km (3 miles)

Shoreham Beach

8km (5 miles)



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