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Scotland Mountain Biking Guide

West and North West

North and north west Scotland MTB

The Scottish Highlands' concentration of high mountains and its wildness offers some of the finest mountain biking around. Many of the paths, tracks and roads used in the guide are centuries old and steeped in history. Additionally Scotland has some of the best access to wild lands in Europe.

This guidebook describes 25 mountain biking routes north of the Great Glen, that stretches from Inverness to Aviemore , in the Highlands and Islands of North West Scotland.


Routes from 12–37 miles, 2–8 hours, graded from moderate to hard to very hard.

Written by Sean Benz, from mountain bike races, adventure races, outdoor education and guided mountain bike trips as a qualified Scottish Mountain Bike Leader, Sean has extensive knowledge of the area.

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Book Details:
224 pages. Book Size 12cm x 17.5cm.
ISBN 9781852847463
Published June 2016

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The Mountain Biking Routes

Map showing the approximate recommended starting points for each route as indicated in the book.
Click on a marker for route information.

The book is organized into three sections, The West, The North West, The Islands

The West

Route 01. West Highland XC

Distance 60km. Grade Very Hard.

Route 02. Ballachulish Blast

Distance 25.5km. Grade Hard.

Route 03. Tour of Ben Nevis

Distance 66.5km. Grade Very Hard

Route 04. In the Shadow of Ben Nevis

Distance 44.5km. Grade Moderate

Route 05. Cow Hill

Distance 19.5km. Grade Hard

Route 06. Fersit and Stathossian

Distance 24km. Grade Hard

Route 07. Ardverikie Adventurer

Distance 40.5km. Grade Hard.

Route 08. On the Wild Side of Loch Lochy

Distance 27km. Grade Very Hard.

Route 09. Loch Lundie

Distance 19.5km. Grade Moderate.

Route 10. Morvern Mini

Distance 19.5km. Grade Moderate.

Route 11. Morvern Monster

Distance 39km. Grade Hard.

The North West

Route 12. Orrin reservoir

Distance 24.5km. Grade Hard.


Route 13. Strathfarrar Fling

Distance 21km. Grade Hard.

Route 14. Wild in Strathcarron

Distance 24.5km. Grade Hard.

Route 15. Glenuaig Grind

Distance 47km. Grade Very Hard.

Route 16. Siloch Singletrack

Distance 22.5km. Grade Very Hard.

Route 17. The Three Cols of Torridon

Distance 39.5km. Grade Hard.

Route 18. Tour of Ben Damph

Distance 24.5km. Grade Hard.

Route 19. Slattadale Rockride

Distance 28.5km. Grade Very Hard.

Route 20. Long Road to Ullapool

Distance 73km. Grade Very Hard.

Route 21. Northern Exposure

Distance 38km. Grade Very Hard.


The Islands

Route 22. Through the Cuillin

Distance 49km. Grade Hard.

Route 23. The Cleared Villages

Distance 24.5km. Grade Hard.

Route 24. High in the Harris Hills

Distance 45.5km. Grade Very Hard.

Route 25. The Postman's Track

Distance 23km. Grade Hard.

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