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Scotland, around Aviemore

Strathspey Mountain Biking Route Maps

Set of 5 Mountain Bike Route Maps around Aviemore

Five maps, A4 in size, printed on waterproof paper. On one side there is a map of the area with the roads and trails. Follow the suggested routes which are highlighted on the maps and described on the reverse, or make up your own variations.

The maps includes technical grades for the trails and includes contours and symbols to show any steep sections.

Location of the 5 maps:
Map Coverage of each of the 5 Strathspey Maps

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Each map includes an easy, intermediate and hard mountain bike route. The routes are marked on the maps and described on the reverse side. The maps can also be used to make up your own route variations.

Strathspey Map 1

Strathspey Map 1: Aviemore to Glenmore

Map Coverage: South East of Aviemore (Inverdruie, Coylumbridge, Glenmore, Loch Morlich, Loch an Eilein)

MTB Routes

Yellow Route (Easy) 8km

An easy ride through the Glenmore Forest Park with magnificent views of the Cairngorm Mountains.

Orange Route (Intermediate) 8km

This route climbs on a track northwest of Glenmore then descends back to Loch Morlich.

Red Route (Hard) 25km

A great ride with lots of variety and a choice of three return routes to Inverduie.

Strathspey Map 2

Strathspey Map 2: Gleann Einich & Feshiebridge

Map Coverage: South of Aviemore (Inverduie, Feshiebridge, Glen Feshie).

MTB Routes

Yellow Route (Easy) 9km

An enjoyable ride north of Feshiebridge, with option of cafe stop half way round.

Orange Route (Intermediate) 16km

This is a most fantastic circular route along mainly flat or slightly undulating forest tracks and roads.

Red Route (Hard) 18km

This is an exposed and isolated route that takes you well into the Cairngorms, so take care and go well prepared.

Strathspey Map 3

Strathspey Map 3: Glenn Feshie, Insh & Knigussie

Map Coverage: East of Kingussie (Glen Feshie, Uath Lochan, Inshriach Forest).

MTB Routes

Yellow Route (Easy) 11km

A pleasant and easy cycle through the Inshriach forest path past Uath Lochan and Farrleiter Crag.

Orange Route (Intermediate) 15km

The choice of trails in the Inshriach forest around Creag Dhubh is almost limitless. The map shows a great circular route but feel free to choose your own route and just have fun!

Red Route (Hard) 23km

A great loop along undulating roads and forest tracks.

Strathspey Map 4

Strathspey Map 4: The Burma Road & Carrbridge

Map Coverage: North of Aviemore (Carrbridge, Boat of Garten, Dulnain Valley, Slochd). Includes the classic Burma Road track in the Monadhliath Mountains.

MTB Routes

Yellow Route (Easy) 16km

A quite flat one way ride and then return by train.

Orange Route (Intermediate) 16km

Leave Carrbridge on road and then it's cross country time, along and over rivers, uphills and downhills.

Red Route (Hard) 40km

A classic route, described in a clockwise direction on the Burma Road. This red granite hard-core track has been knon as the Burma Road since the 1940s and is named after the more famous wartime road in Asi. it is a strenuous route and should only be attempted by teh fit and well equipped.

Strathspey Map 5

Strathspey Map 5: Nethy Bridge & Ryvoan Pass

Map Coverage: South of Nethy Bridge (Abernethy Forest, Boat of Garten, Ryvoan Pass)

The 3 routes can be joined together to make a complete circuit of the area.They are described as one way routes so if attempting just one of the routes you can return the same way or use the map to return by an alternative route.

MTB Routes

Yellow Route (Easy) 8km

An easy cycle through the Abernethy Forest mainly following marked posts of the Speyside Way.

Orange Route (Intermediate) 16km

A route from Glenmore through the Sluggan Pass to Boat of Garten. The route can be varied by heading past Badaguish Outdoor Centre.

Red Route (Hard) 16km

Classic Scottish riding through the Ryvoan Pass. A route that is long, strenous and rewarding. Only for the fit and well equipped.


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