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Peak District: Ladybower Castleton Hope
Mountain Bike Map

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See all the trails in the area on the printed map. Easy to adapt a route when out on a ride. Great for visiting the area several times and doing a different ride each time.

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This is a superb mountain biking area in the heart of the Peak District. A great network of off road bridleways and byways, exhilarating downhills, tough climbs, great views, cafes and pubs. When you get back you know you’ve been on a ride!

This mountain bike map shows all the off roads in the area with surface descriptions, technical gradings, uphill indicators, contours, spot heights and useful features such as gates, cafes and pub locations.

The map highlights three routes. As the map shows all trails in the area it is also easy to adapt the highlighted routes to make longer or shorter as required.

The area is suitable mainly for experienced and intermediate mountain bikers, however fit beginners will also find the area rewarding and can use the map to avoid the technical sections.

The publication is A4 (210 x 297mm) in size, printed on extremely tough waterproof paper. On one side is the map and on the other side are text descriptions of the suggested routes plus miscellaneous information.

The Mountain Bike Routes

Mardy Bum

14 miles

A very varied mountain bike route that starts at Hope (and right across from the very mountainbike friendly Woodbine Cafe!). A bit of climbing near the start quickly gets you out in thick of it then a long grassy and bare earth downhill brings you onto some minorlanes. Some more off road then onto the big climb of the day (all on a minor lane; so rideable) which leads you to two sections of verydifferent downhill (the first a wide straight track and the second a more technical descent) then its onwards and back to the finish.

Route Profile

Pain for Pleasure

14 miles

This mountain bike route has about a mile of coasting then its uphill, you're going to have to walk some of it (but its going to be worth it), soon you reach some flat then around a corner and your on the start of a superb bit of downhill. Nothing too technical at the top, but enough obstacles to keep you on your toes. The final bit gets a bit stony but keep your nerve and you can do it! A nice flat bit to get your breath back then its more downhill and you start to realise this is really the best sport in the world.

Your onto a flatish path now, but an option to detour is there. Climb up into the trees for a fast descent back down to Ladybower. What follows next is a short respite before a climb (all rideable) and then on to the final descent of the day, which could have you screaming for more!

Route Profile


30 miles

We would run out of superlatives if we described this mountain bike route. Suffice it to say that it has it all. Climbs that are a breeze, climbs to make you suffer, breezy downhills and downhills you're going to be day dreaming about for weeks. The distance is tough and you'll be climbing about 4,800 feet in total; so you're going to have to be fit, but you can always tackle part of it (its easy to use the map to shorten as required) and save the rest for your next adventure.

Route Profile


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