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Western Cape Mountain Bike Maps - Pack 1

The Western Cape is a mecca for the outdoor enthusiast and this series of maps and guides picks 5 of the very best areas for biking and hiking. The locations are all within 80km of Cape Town and they offer great rides and hikes with incredible scenery in vineyards, mountain plantations and fynbos heathland.

The set includes:

Map 1 – Jonkershoek
The spectacularly scenic Jonkershoek valley with amazing single track and a superb tea room right at the entrance.

Map 2 – Delvera
Three terrific routes on the wine estate at Delvera Farm and is a mecca for mountain biking activity from the Dirtopia Trail Centre.

Map 3 – Tokai & Silvermine
Probably the most popular mountain biking location is at Tokai and Map 3 covers all of the trails in the Tokai Plantation plus the link through to a great bike or hike at Silvermine.

Map 4 – Deer Park & Signal Hill
The jewel in the crown, a superb area for biking and hiking right in Cape Town. Trails in Deer Park and Signal Hill have phenomenal views and easy access from the city.

Map 5 – Welvanpas, Bains
The superb Bains Trails at Welvanpas near Wellington.

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Please note that The Western Cape is vulnerable to wild fires. Before planning a trip research all relevant web sites and check that the area is still open.

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Map 1 - Jonkershoek lies near the town of Stellenbosch in the south-western Cape. The mapped area consists of a large pine plantation, that sits in the centre of the Jonkershoek valley and is surrounded by the imposing Jonkershoek mountains. There are 3 suggested biking routes marked clearly on the map and described in detail in the guide. The routes are graded to suit all levels of ability and will help any visitor make the most of their recreation in the area. Confident mountain bikers will head straight for the red route and the 21 km of magic single track.

Map 2 - The Dirtopia Trail Centre is located at Delvera, a wine estate and farm, near Stellenbosch. The mapped area includes the easy trails through vineyards and the single track trails across the rugged and rocky Klapmutskop. There are 3 biking routes signposted by the Dirtopia Trail Centre and graded to cater for all abilities. The routes are marked clearly on the map and described in detail in the guide. Confident mountain bikers will head straight for the technical single track on the black route. Less confident mountain bikers and hikers will take the more gentle Green Vineyard Route and enjoy a terrific day out in this special area.

Map 3 - Tokai Plantation and Silvermine offers some of the best biking and hiking in the Cape Peninsula. Just 20km south of Cape Town it is one of the most popular destinations for the mountain biking enthusiast.

There is something to suit every ability. Forest roads and easy trails for the beginner, and superb high quality single track for the more ambitious. For the extremely fit there are mountains to climb and for the downhill expert there are steep and fast descents. Use this map and guide to plan a great day out in either Tokai or Silvermine.

Map 4 - Located on the northern edge of Table Mountain, both Deer Park and Signal Hill offer some truly memorable high quality biking and hiking. Overlooking Cape Town there are magnificent views of the city, Robben Island and the mountains. Trails are steep in places but there are also contour paths for those not so inclined to arduous climbing. The map and guide sets out 3 different and varied rides suitable for either the novice or the mtb expert.

Map 5 - The Bains MTB trails are located near Wellington, in the heart of the winelands, about 80km north east of Cape Town. The trails start from the picturesque Welvanpas farm and are set amongst spectacular mountain scenery below Bainskloof Pass. The mapped area includes easy trails through vineyards and orange groves as well as top quality single track trails that meander through the rugged and rocky open fynbos. There are 3 signposted biking routes, graded to cater for all abilities. The Blue, White and Yellow routes are described in detail in the guide. The map clearly shows the White and Blue routes and covers the Yellow route with a less detailed insert. The Bains MTB Trails, designed and built by Pieter Van Wyk, consist of 3 superb top quality routes. This is not a bike park or trail centre but a beautiful valley with excellent fast flowing trails along the Kromme River and surrounding hills. The routes are marked by coloured posts and meander through vineyards, orange groves, forests and pristine fynbos. Entry to the Welvanpas Trails is through the farm at Welvanpas and a permit is required. This can be purchased from the Die ou Meul coffee shop at the farm, where delicious cakes, muffins and sandwiches are also available.

map of the westen cape area showing the map locations

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