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Mountain Biking in Slovenia

Julian Alps - Gorenjska and Soca Valley, South, Central and North East

35 Full Day and Half Day Mountain Biking Routes

Slovenia mountain biking routes

Slovenia is an idyllic mountain biking destination with a remarkably diverse landscape.

From the towering peaks of Gorenjska and the stunning riverside trails of the Soca Valley to the tremendous limestone caves of the Karst region and the forests of the Nanos plateau in the country's south, there is endless opportunity for tough climbs, long descents and technical trails - as well as slow, scenic trips lakeside and through vineyard-laced landscapes - making it a perfect travel destination for the avid mountain biker.

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Written by Rob Houghton
Published by Cicerone, 2017
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The Mountain Biking Routes

Map showing the approximate recommended starting points for each route as indicated in the book.


Most of the routes technically require only a reasonable amount of competence to complete; however, they often require a good level of fitness as most will include a climb that can go from stiff to brutal; there are also rides included that anyone should be able to complete and a few with a higher technical grade.



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The Routes


Route 1. The high alpine at Uskovnica

Distance 34km. Grade: Hard

One of the most spectacular in the book! Climbs, passes and singletrack descents.

Route 2.  In the foothills of Črna Prst

Distance 27km. Grade Hard

On the quieter side of the Sava Valley. Tough climbs, great views, long descents.

Slovenia MTB Photo 5

Route 3. Across the Jelovica Plateau

Distance 38km. Grade Hard

Climb to a network of trails through the forest onto a wild plateau. Great views on a tricky descent. Great lunch option at the Vodiška Planina mountain inn.

Slovenia MTB Photo 4

Route 4. To the Crone’s Tooth

Distance 36km. Grade Very Hard

Similar area to route 3 but more remoteness and includes stunning views over Lake Bled once you've reached the Crone's Tooth.

Route 5. Grahovše circular

Distance 22km. Grade Medium

A quick and tough blast through the forest sand up to the high alpine pastures. The route passes a small mountain gostilna where you can refuel with the hearty local food.

Route 6.  Lake Zgornje

Distance 13.5km. Grade Medium

A gentle jaunt in the mountains. This routes eases its way along a valley and up a small hill, surrounded by spectacular mountains and taking in a beautiful lake.

Route 7. Peč and the three borders

Distance 25.5km. Grade Medium

Climbing and descending in the hills close to the Slovenian/Austrian / Italian border. Great views overlooking the three countries.

Route 8. Kranjska Gora circular

Distance 27km. Grade Hard

Climbing out of the valley then a traverse through the woods followed by a 3.5km descent alongside the River Jerman. A small ride that packs a punch.


Route 9. Kobarid and the River Soča

Distance 18km. Grade: Hard

This ride is a real treat. A climb comes at the beginning then its downhill all the way, taking in quaint villages, lovely woods and rivers.

Slovenia MTB Photo 3

Route 10. Stol epic 

Distance 59km. Grade: Very Hard

This ride is a beast and is a big ask of anyone. However if you are fit and you have a full day to play with, it's a classic.

Slovenia MTB Photo 2

Route 11. Kobarid and the River Nadiža

Distance 15.5km. Grade: Medium

Take a break from the high mountains around you and have a gentle day pedaling through beautiful riverside meadows. You'll encounter farming communities, swimming holes and spectacular views of the mountains.

Route 12. Stol and the long descent

Distance 37km. Grade Very Hard

The thing that ups the ante on this ride is the descent. At over 12km it will test your endurance and it will also test your skill. Initially sweeping then turning into a technical black drop, with a hair raising section along a knife-edge ridge. Not for the faint hearted if you are planning to ride it all, but those with a healthier sense of self preservation can walk the really technical sections.

Route 13. Planina Razor

Distance 35km. Grade Hard

Well over 4km of quality singletrack descent once you have climbed through the famous cheese dairies to the top of Planina Razor.

Route 14. Most na Soči Široko

Distance 12km. Grade Hard

A short but sweet ride out of the quaint lakeside town of Most na Soči up to the heights of Široko and back down again.

Route 15. The war memorial at Trnovo

Distance 22km. Grade Medium

A gently undulating route off the beaten track on forest tracks and some minor roads. Plus the opportunity to visit the dramatic war memorial.

Route 16. The dark forests of Trnovo

Distance 29km. Grade Medium

This route does have a bit of climbing but it is essentially a gentle roll around these dark and exciting forests. You will also pass along the southern edge of the plateau where on a good day offers view over the Vipava Valley and as far as the Adriatic coast.


Slovenia MTB Photo 1

Route 17. The industrial heritage of Črni Vrh

Distance 48km. Grade Hard

A varied route that will not only give great experience of the classic limestone geology of the Kras landscape, but will also open a window into the regions industrial past.

Route 18. Javornik

Distance 21.5km. Grade Hard

This route climbs up to a plateau with some fabulous views. There is a bike park here and this route includes some of the downhill singletrack that makes this proposition so much fun.

Route 19. The Wine Region of Kras

Distance 31.5km. Grade Medium

Easily one of the top 5 routes in this guide. This little ride will take you on a lovely adventure through the vineyards.

Route 20. Komen and its surrounds

Distance 52km. Grade Hard

A lovely day out in the rolling hills and a lot of the riding is on beautifully groomed purpose built cycle trails.

Route 21. Postojna classic

Distance 31km. Grade Medium

A fabulous route taking in some of the very past part of this region. Gently undulating with short section of tricky singletrack thrown in for good measure.

Route 22. Lake Cerkno and the caves of Rakov Škocja

Distance 45.5km. Grade  Hard

This is a cracking route that begins on the shores of the mysterious disappearing Lake Cerkno. It's then off into the wooded hills surrounding the lake then a 8km descent to the caves and karst feautres of of the Rokav Skocjan park.

Route 23. Lake Cerknica circular

Distance 24km. Grade Medium

A very pleasant amble around the lake, not technical so if you are with someone who is not big on mountains then this might be the route for them.

Route 24. Dolenjske Toplice and the Partisans’ forest

Distance 41km. Grade Hard

This route explores some of the forests of the Rog mountain range which were part of the front line during World War II.

Route 25. Dolenjske Toplice and Soteska

Distance 32km. Grade Medium

From the lovely thermal spa town of Dolenjske Toplice. A long steady climb up through a pine forest that leads to a lovely long section of downhill through a beech wood.


Route 26. Velika Planina

Distance 18km. Grade Hard

An absolute must do! Visiting the Velika Planina (big meadow) is something of a treadition for Slovenes. High in the mountains this area is dotted with quaint traditional huts and it is a natural tourist magnet for those seeking fresh alpine air.

Route 27. Menina Planina

Distance 38.5km. Grade Hard

Similar in feel to Route 26 but quieter. Includes a mountain refuge which serves food and has accommodation should you need it.

Route 28. Jesenovo and Krvavica

Distance 25.5km. Grade Medium

There is quite a bit of road to this route but to make up for there are great views, some singletrack and generally easy flowing descents.

Route 29. The churches of Čreta

Distance 40km. Grade Medium

This route is a quiet delight with great views, steady climbs and a good long descent to the finish.

Route 30. The nature reserve of Pohorje

Distance 30km. Grade Medium

A gentle ride, all off road, within the Pohorje nature reserve.

Route 31. Maribor and its surroundings

Distance 26.5km. Grade Medium

This route begins in the medieval old town, wends its way out into the countryside, passes through vineyards and forests and includes a spectacular view back into town from the high point at the church of St Urban.

Route 32. The Maribor downhill park

Distance 15.5km. Grade Medium or Hard or Very Hard

Ski runs in winter converted to mountain bike trails in the summer with choice of routes and grades. Plus option to take your bike up on the cable car.

Route 33. The Najevnik Linden Tree

Distance 17.5km. Grade Medium

A short but sweet route taking you into the foothills of the mountains before an exceptional long stretch of downhill to the finish.

Route 34. The three valleys route

Distance 40km. Grade Hard

This ride takes in three of the prettiest valleys of the Črna region. On the way you will get a feel for this remote, mountainous land, from its rolling alpine pastures to its hard climbs and long descents.

Route 35. Peca

Distance 17km. Grade Medium

A gentle ride around the beautiful mountains of Koroska. It is not technical, only a bit of climbing plus a great mountain restaurant for lunch!


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