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North York Moors Mountain Biking

Moorland Trails

North York Moors MTB

Contains 21 routes, thoroughly researched with clear easy to follow directions and maps.

Suitable for all levels of mountain bikers.

See map below for information on all the routes.

Happy riding!

Book Details:
ISBN 978-1-906148-08-9
Written by Tony Harker
153 Pages
Book Size is a compact 12cm x 17.5cm

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The Mountain Biking Routes

Map showing the approximate recommended starting points for each route as indicated in the book.
Click on a marker for route information.

In the guide each route includes a map with the route highlighted and clear text directions.

Summary of the routes:

Classic Routes

Route 1: Danby & Pannierman's Causeway

Route Grade: Easy. Distance: 17.4km

A Predominantly off-road, this bike route offers a variety of track riding, most of which is easy to follow, making it easy to enjoy the views across to Fryup and Danby Dale from the bridleway above Castleton Pits.

Route 2: Pinchinthorpe

Route Grade: Easy-Medium. Distance: 14.3km

A mix of forest trails and typical moors tracks, this is an ideal mountain bike route if you don’t have much time, or for after a shift at work. The section down to Roseberry Common is technical, and is something of a white knuckle ride if you’re not a downhill-lemming.

Route 3: Swainby & Sheep Wash Loops

Route Grade: Easy. Distance: 18.5km (made up of two loops of 10.5km and 7.5km)

This versatile bike route can be ridden as one larger figure-of-eight, or as two shorter loops. The scenery is magnificent and the riding easy.

MTB Photo2

Epic Routes

Route 4: Roxby Circuit

Route Grade: Easy. Distance: 20.6km

After the first and only real climb, up Lealholm Bank, we are rewarded with stunning views up the valley and a cracking mile of fast singletrack back over Roxby Moor.

Route 5: Kildale Ring

Route Grade: Medium. Distance: 21.7km

The peaceful remoteness at the head of Baysdale and the packhorse bridge over Hograh Beck are most enjoyable, while the singletracks over Hograh Moor and Kildale Moor will test your technical skills.

Route 6: Horcum Loop

Route Grade: Easy. Distance 27km

This is a fairly easy bike ride with an 8km blast down through Langdale Forest. The ride along the edge of Saltergate Bank has terrific views and there is some nice singletrack to test a beginner’s skills.

Route 7: Danby & Glaisdale Circuit

Route Grade: medium. Distance: 27km

This bike route epitomises all the North York Moors have to offer: there are fast gravel tracks, technical climbs and descents, leg-burning road climbs and brake-burning descents; there’s a ford to cool you down and long hills to heat you up, with a high viewpoint at the end to survey the whole route!.

Route 8: Hutton-le-Hole & Farndale

Route Grade: Medium. Distance: 26.6km

We start from one of the most picturesque villages on the moors and take in a delightful singletrack descent into Farndale with an easy tarmac finish on country lanes.

Route 9: Sneck Yate Bank

Route Grade: Medium. Distance: 22.5km

This is one for riders of all abilities, and includes a number of possible ‘bail out’ opportunities. Once the initial road work is over it’s nearly all off-road with singletracks, forest roads, firm moor riding and one of the top ten downhills on the moors.

Route 10: Clay Bank & Bransdale

Route Grade: Medium. Distance: 28.5km

MTB Photo

A bike route with mostly firm, doubletrack riding, finishing with 3km of classic singletrack. Bransdale must be one of the quietest dales on the moors. The scenery is stunning and the ride into the dale from Rudland Rigg is long, fast and easy.

Enduro Routes

Route 11: Rosedale Abbey Circuit

Route Grade: Medium. Distance 25.3km

A Taking in one of the most talked about singletracks in the country (this is the singletrack that so many good things have been written about), this ride offers a mix of moors trail riding, shoulder height bracken and forest track.

Route 12: Blakey Bank Circuit

Route Grade: Medium. Distance: 33.5km .

The start spoils you with two short sections of sweet singletrack and then a sweeping singletrack downhill into Westerdale. The rest of the route is a mixture of hard work on short but steep climbs and fantastic moors scenery, culminating in the gruelling climb out of Farndale up Blakey Bank.

Route 3: Black Hambleton & Hawnby

Route Grade: Medium. Distance: 30.6km.

MTB Photo4

This superb route follows some well known moorland tracks, particularly the Drover’s Road, with its panoramic views to the west. To mix things up, there is also a little-known moorland singletrack sweeping down from Cock Howe with a few hidden ‘surprise’ drop-offs. More singletrack on Locker Low Moor helps keep tired legs going to the finish.

Route 14: Hutton-le-Hole, Farndale & Rosedale

Route Grade: Hard. Distance: 34.4km.

This mountain bike route is an alternative longer version of the Hutton-le-Hole & Farndale (in the Epics section), with some steady riding after a hard climb out of Farndale to Blakey Ridge.

Route 15: Rosedale & Fryup

Route Grade: Hard. Distance: 34.4km.

Get ready for one of the best singletracks on the moors, followed by one of the most technical, demanding downhills. When that’s all over, we can catch our breath in a tranquil setting with stunning scenery all around.

Route 16: Ravenscar – Big Country

Route Grade: Medium-Hard. Distance: 36.7km.

Be ready for a pure cross-country route, with little in the way of white-knuckle downhills but instead a good mix of terrain and jaw dropping scenery to keep it interesting.

Route 17: Goathland Circuit

Route Grade: Medium-Hard. Distance: 36.7km.

This is a classic cross country moors route with plenty of typical moors track and some lovely singletrack riding. Best tackled during dry weather!

Route 18: Helmsley Circuit

Route Grade: Medium-Hard. Distance: 38km.

Unique within this guide, this is a 38km ride within the National Park, yet which does not cross any moorland. This route makes a pleasant change from the heather and bracken but with over 900m of ascent it is still a tough cookie. The grand finale is a rewarding 6km dash on forest trails down Riccal Dale, with beautiful views over into Bilsdale and across the moors to the north east.

MTB Photo5

Killer Routes

Route 19: The Seven Dales

Route Grade: Hard. Distance: 61.5km

A testing ride based around seven valleys to the north of the moors, this route combines sections from others in the book, but also throws in a few stretches of off-road riding that have had little coverage in other guides.

Route 20: The Best Western

Grade: Hard. Distance: 77km

A 77km ride, 87% of which is off-road, and with over 2000m of ascent this route really is a killer. There is over 10km of singletrack, plus long descents and some particularly tricky downhills.


Bonus Section

Route 21: Pickering–Levisham Station/Goathland

Route Grade: Easy-Medium. Distance: 10.3km / 21.8km

Making use of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway to give a one-way ride, this is easy mountain biking for a hot summer’s day. Ride through fields above the preserved steam railway of the NYMR with an unexpected technical descent just above Levisham, before taking a steam train back to Pickering. Alternatively, continue off-road to Goathland and pick up the train there.

Bomus 1: Dalby Forest - Trail Centre

General facts & figures about England’s largest mountain bike trail centre (there’s something here for all riders).

Bomus 2: Guisborough - Trail Centre

General facts & figures about Guisborough Mountain Bike Centre

Plus also includes lists of:
Top Ten Singletracks &
Top Ten Downhills.

and information on the Moors to Sea Cycle Network

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