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Mountain Bike Guide West Midlands

To Manchester, Cheshire & Staffordshire

Mountain Bike Routes Guide West Midlands

Twenty one carefully researched routes through the beautiful rural landscapes of:

Hereford & Warwickshire

BikeMaps Comment: this guide was published in 2000; so the photos are showing their age, however it offers many great routes and shows that there is plenty of mountain biking fun and challenging rides just a short trip from Birmingham. At such a low price it offers very good value.

Happy riding!

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Book Details:
ISBN 9780948153617
Published: 2000. Ernest Press. Author: Dave Taylor
168 Pages. Book Size: A5

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RRP £8.00

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The Mountain Biking Routes

Map showing the approximate recommended starting points for each route as indicated in the book.
Click on a marker for route information.

1. Cannock Chase East Route

Distance: 24km. Grade: Moderate

Hills and Valleys. Good forestry tracks
22km off road, 2km on road.

2. Cannock Chase West Route

Distance: 20km. Grade: Easy

Some hills. Excellent Forest Tracks.
15km off road, 5km on road

3. Ashley Heath Route

Distance: 21km. Grade: Easy/Mod

A bit hilly in places. Good forestry tracks with reasonable field bridleways.
Off road 21km, on road 9km.

4. Wellesbourne Route

Distance: 29km. Grade: Mod/Difficult

Parkland, fields and woods. Gravel and grass tracks. may be muddy in woods.
Off road 13km, on road 16km.

5. Henley-in-Arden Route

Distance: 19km. Grade: Easy

Gentle hills. Gravel tracks, soft woodland bridleways.
10km off road, 9km on road.

6. Alcester Route

Distance: 28km. Grade: Mod/Difficult

Some little hills. Good grassy tracks and muddy lanes.
16km off road, 12km on road.

7. Chipping Campden & Hidcote Route

Distance: 27km. Grade: Difficult

Hilly. Good well drained grass/pebble tracks.
15km off road, 12km on road.

8. Broadway Route

Distance: 27km. Grade: Difficult

Hilly. Parkland, fields, woodland tracks and hard pack.
13km off road, 14km on road.

9. Bredon and Dumbleton Route

Distance: 30km. Grade: Very Difficult

Hilly. Mostly good gravel tracks.
18km off road, 12km on road

10. Suckley Hills Route

Distance: 24km. Grade: Difficult

Lots of ups and downs. Many excellent stony/rocky trails with some soft woodland tracks.
14km off road, 10km on road.

11. Kinver and beyond!

Distance: 26km. Grade: Difficult

Hilly. Generally firm bridleways and tracks.
14km off road, 12km on road.

12. Wyre Forest Route

Distance: 25km. Grade: Moderate

Hilly. Good forestry tracks.
19km off road, 6km on road.

13. Severn Valley Route

Distance: 27km. Grade: Moderate

Some hills. Excellent gravel tracks with some soft but tricky bridleways.
14km off road, 13km on road.

14. Wenlock Edge Route

Distance: 36km. Grade: Very Difficult

Hills. Firm gravel through to very soft woodland trails.
24km off road, 12km on road.

15. Hope Bowlder Route

Distance: 20km. Grade: Moderate with tricky sections.

Hilly. Grass and stonytracks.
11km off road, 9km on road.

16. Long Mynd - the quiet way

Distance: 23km. Grade: Difficult

A big hill! Moorland tracks, grassy and rocky.
13km off road, 10km on road.

17. Long Mynd and the Stiperstones Route

Distance: 42km. Grade: Very Difficult

Lots of hills. Excellent firm gravel tracks and disused lanes.
22km off road, 20km on road.

18. Ludlow Route

Distance: 31km. Grade: Very Difficult

Hilly. Mostly forest tracks, some field bridleways.
24km off road, 7km on road.

19. Hopton Castle Route

Distance: 35km. Grade: Very Difficult

Very hilly, wooded. Mostly forest tracks and green lanes.
22km off road, 13km on road.

20. Clun & Bury Ditches

Distance: 30km. Grade: Difficult

Hills. Forest tracks, grassy trails.
15km off road. 15km on road.

21. Clun & Offa's Dyke Route

Distance: 19km. Grade: Moderate

Hills. Gravel and rocky trails.
12km off road, 7km on road.

22. West Midlands Bike Route

Distance: about 120km! Grade: Very Very Difficult

Flat bits and hilly bits on all kinds of surfaces!

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