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Mountain Bike Guide East Midlands

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21 carefully researched routes through the beautiful rural landscapes of:


From family leisure to challenging excursions.

BikeMaps Comment: although this guide was published in 1998 it is still relevant today as it covers areas not covered by other guide books. See map of routes below.

Happy riding!

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Book Details:
ISBN 9780948153587
Published: 1998. Ernest Press
Author: Dave Taylor
160 Pages
Book Size: A5

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The Mountain Biking Routes

Map showing the approximate recommended starting points for each route as indicated in the book.
Click on a marker for route information.

Route 1. Welbeck and Clumber

Distance: 29km. Grade: Moderate

Mostly Flat with a few gentle hills. Excellent green lanes and gravel forest tracks. 21km off road, 8km on road.

Route 2. Sherwood Forest

Distance: 24km. Grade: Moderate

Mostly level but with a few hills. Forest tracks and bridleways. 20km off road, 4km on road.

Route 3. The West Leake Hills

Distance: 29km. Grade: Difficult

Hilly, Fair to good field edge bridleways. Soggy in part. Off road 18km, on road 11km.

Route 4. Charnwood Forest

Distance: 24km. Grade: Moderate

Small hills and woodland. Gravel tracks, open fields and woodland paths. 13km off road, 11km on road.

Route 5. Barkby

Distance: 27km. Grade: Difficult

Gentle rolling hills. Well defined sometimes soft bridleways plus good tracks. 18km off road, 9km on road.

Route 6. Tilton and Quenby

Distance: 24km. Grade: Difficult

Gentle rolling hills. Bridleways across pasture and green lanes. 14km off road, 10km on road.

Route 7. Burrough Hill

Distance: 27km. Grade: Very Difficult

Rolling hills, farm land and green lanes. Green lanes, grass and gravel, field bridleways. 16km off road, 11km on road.

Route 8. Launde Abbey

Distance: 19km. Grade: Difficult

Gentle rolling hills. Field edges and hard-pack tracks. Off road 14km, on road 5km.

Route 9. Twycross

Distance: 36km. Grade: Difficult

Gently undulating. Some difficult field edge bridleways but mostly solid tracks.

Route 10. Market Bosworth

Distance: 27km. Grade: Easy

Farm land and canal towpaths. 15km off road, 12km on road.

Route 11. Leicester Forest

Distance: 28km. Grade: Difficult

very gently undulating on good classified roads but soft woodland bridleways. 18km off road, 10km on road.

Route 12. Rolleston

Distance: 32km. Grade: Very Difficult

Gently rolling hills and farmland. Surfaces from good solid tracks to field edges. 19km off road, 13km on road.

Route 13. Medbourne

Distance: 28km. Grade: Difficult

A bit hilly. Excellent gravel tracks and horrible arable bridleways!. Off road 19km, 9km on road.

Route 14. Foxton Locks

Distance: 18km. Grade: Moderate

A little bit hilly on occasions. Excellent stony tracks and some difficult bridleways across fields.

Route 15. Fineshade

Distance: 32km. Grade: Difficult

Gently undulating, small hills. Forest tracks, good grassy bridleways but also bridleways across arable fields. 30km off road, 12km on road.

Route 16. Lyveden New Bield

Distance: 24km. Grade: Moderate

Gently undulating. Field bridleways and byways - can be hard going when wet. 14km off road, 10km on road.

Route 17. Cottesbrooke

Distance: 25km. Grade: Moderate

Very gently undulating. Good gravel tracks, some grassy bridleways. 17km off road, 8km on road.

Route 18. Canons Ashby

Distance: 22km. Grade: Difficult

Very gently rolling countryside. Moslty byways from good to very rutted. Soft when wet. 16km off road, 6km on road.

Route 19. Silverstone

Distance: 30km. Grade: Very Difficult

Very gentle rolling countryside. Some good tracks but some difficult bridleways and byways - especially when wet. 21km off road, 9km on road.

Route 20. Brinklow

Distance: 30km. Grade: Very Difficult

A lot of farmland. bridleways along edge of fields and in woods - make for a very difficult ride. 16km off road, 14km on road.

Route 21. The Priors

Distance: 30km. Grade: Difficult

Flat with a few bumps. Bridleways and tracks across mixed farmland. 22km off road, 8km on road.

Route 22. The Leicestershire Bike Round

Distance: 120km. Grade: Very Severe

This throws everything at you except mountains!


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